The heart of Barefoot Recording features a custom 60 channel UnderToneAudio console. With 24 busses, 6 aux sends, Flying Faders II Automation, and every channel outfitted with the custom UTA equalizer, it is the most versatile and musical analog console we've ever used. For monitoring, a pair of Urei 813c mains sit atop two custom sub-cabinets – complimented (or detreimented, depending on your worldview) by a pair of Yamaha NS-10s.

          Studio A's ever-evolving sound room houses most of Barefoot's musical toys – from drumsets, to guitars, to amplifiers, to shakers, and to the 9ft. Yamaha Grand Piano. It has dimensions of 35'x40' with a 16' ceiling. Combined with curtains surrounding and dividing the room, as well as numerous movable baffles, the room can accomidate most any kind of live recording. For a full equipment list, click on the 'stuff' page.

          Attached to the sound room is a large isolation booth for a dryer sound. And for the opposite effect, we also have an echo chamber that adjoins to the sound room to capture some nice natural reverb.